Info , Link Download Tool DanceOn – CrushModz

Info , Link Download Tool DanceOn – CrushModz

VIP  Version
( open from 15:30 AM Saturday, ‎05 ‎May, ‎2018 ) 


Support for danceon.3claws , danceon.prodigy

If have an error, please report to me
Instructions for functions

♥ Run DanceOn to game before
♥ After, run CrushDanceOn.exe
♥ This tool when display , please click hackgame
♥ First use it will give you 2 days use free and 2 days reward
(when paid it will add 2 days reward on the day to expiries of you )


Benefit of using: you will use unlimited quantity the id tool to auto game but the expiry date is 2 days for 1 id tool.

Please see all features in tool, clip below .Thanks for watching

Now ok . The tutorial display

“If you want Activate successful, must dance by hand at that dance mode which you need cheat  and has point increase. Then click Activate. Just do it once when ingame If do it then ignore and click activate in tool ok”

 Click to continue in tool to open menu functions

Touch/LuckyTouch  : Auto Perfect , Hack Perfect , Auto Great , Auto Perfect + Great

Fever/PK/Dating/Nornal lucky  : Hack Perfect , Hack No Miss

Rhytm : Hack Perfect + Teleport Rhytm

 Auto  Wow x , Auto key Love Dance – Auto Love Dance PK  – Auto Kill Boss , Auto Space 100%

Auto Click Begin : Auto Start
Support: Auto Update when has a new version

Benefit of payment : You will be using the tool for the main id tool a long time. Only 3.5 USD / 1 month

Pay to unlock function “cheat item in bag”
(In particular, there is a version “cheat item vip” inside tool when you pay, you see it)
Pay to unlock functions “Auto Love Dance/PK 100%”
Pay to unlock functions relate to “Support keep the circle in Mode Touch”
Pay to unlock functions “Teleport Rhytm”

We created page member
to you can be logged in with “ID Tool”
Note : “ID tool” will display on the tool every time you click hack game or in a functional interface copy “id tool” that to log on link above


Thank you for choosing and using the service of CrushModz